A complete range of accessories.

And we have been doing this for over 12 years! With our products, where we started as sportswear manufacturer and now are the true dedicated producer for diabetes accessories, we stand for uncompromising quality, modern design and extraordinary usability. This makes us the leader in range and selection for diabetes accessories. 

From the very beginning, our high-quality accessories for diabetics have been oriented towards the wishes and demands of end customers. Our portfolio includes more than 4200 SKU’s, countless prints and colors and a extensive size range for every product as well as a variety of options and solutions at their disposal.


The home of our company was originally The Netherland. Our producer uWear in Indonesia was growing into a dedicated production hub for absolutely all Kaio-Dia products very fast that we decided to disconnect the location in the Netherlands, the location in the Netherlands remains as a national distributor. With uWear Kaio-Dia developed a new website and a distribution that serves the EU plus the UK from the south of France and soon a new distribution unit will be added in Bulgaria. Kaio-Dia has grown into what we are today: Europe's most complete and dedicated supplier of high-quality accessories for diabetics. 

With our other locations in France and Bulgaria and with more than 30 employees, we have been able to constantly adapt our production capacities to market requirements in recent years:


700 M2 over 3 separate locations within a 2 KM range 17 FTE plus 3 PT Research & development, product management, sales and marketing.


500 m2 warehousing & Fulfillment EU North 4 FTE + 2 PT employees


400 m2 warehousing & fulfillment EU South + B2B 1 FTE + 3 PT

“We create quality of life”


Our mission statement expresses the basis of our thoughts and actions: Because we create quality of life! For our employees and with them we strive every single day to also improve freedom and quality of life for diabetics. 

We are striving to be a responsible as possible employer no matter where we operate. Through stable economic activity, we guarantee secure employment and thus make an important contribution to the daily lives of our employees no matter where in the world they are. And through the quality and nature the products we aim to create quality for our all customers

As a responsible manufacturer of diabetic accessories, sustainable production is close to our hearts. That is why we strive to produce and operate as sustainably as possible.

Highest quality without compromise - that is another pillar of our value system. We attach great importance to care and conscientiousness in the production of our product range.


The focus of our management is strongly striving to continuous further development of our environmental performance in terms of ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly production. We consistently work hard to reduce our own energy consumption. While planning to improve energy efficiency per product unit and reducing fail cost and wastage.

Focusing on people and nature


As a family-managed, medium-sized company in a rural region, we take our responsibility towards people and nature very seriously. The health and further development of our employees are matters close to our hearts. The basis of our attractive working atmosphere is therefore formed by a variety of further education and training measures. At the center of our environmental management is the continuous further development of our environmental performance in terms of ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly production. For which we specifically focus on our relationships with our suppliers, their materials and processing. Producing many products made in fabrics both fiber and chemicals used in the production process of our suppliers have our strong attention.

We’ve always got our finger on the pulse


We always have our finger on the pulse, we know what the latest trends are, and we work with the most up-do-date technology. This is how we manage to produce the most comfortable, usable and wearable accessories for diabetic that meet the active users requirements.


  • -Continuous development of new products with for Kaio-Dia produced materials.
  • -Complete product development from a single source – from the first idea to sketches illustration to prototypes right through to the finished product.
  • -CAD-supported design and laser cutting for an extremely precise and accurate sizing and fitting, while reducing material waste and improving material efficiency.
  • -In-house 3D scanning systems.
  • -In-house print design, pattern making, sample production.
  • -A significant user product test group from within the diabetes community.
  • -Rapid hardware prototyping with the assistance of a significant 3D printing department.


Our accessories are the result of extensive research, popular demand from consumers and in-house product and pattern development, a well-organized and flexible and very dynamic production process , and uncompromising quality control.


  • Thanks to our reliable, worldwide logistics network and strategically located significant stock positions in strategic locations, we can guarantee fast order processing and short delivery times. With standardized incoming goods inspections and material tests as well as the conscientious examination of documents relating to quality agreements, we succeed in ensuring the consistent quality of our products right from the start. Long-term business relationships with our suppliers are also a central aspect of our quality management in the area of incoming and outgoing goods.


  • As most integrated manufacturer of diabetes accessories and a family-run company, we manufacture the components and print the fabrics largely independently and in-house. The focus is on our own print and press, the fully automated and very complete 3D printing department production of many of our adjusters, sliders as well as prototypes for us by order produced metal garment components 

manufacturing. Uncompromising tests according to our own very strict quality standards guarantee their longevity.


  • Our products are checked and controlled during and after every single production step. At the end of the production process all products go through finishing as where every single product will get measured digitally one final time before going to our packing department. No stone is left unturned to try and ensure that every client gets the product they expected. Our average review score across multiple platforms does not get lower than 4.5 out of 5 to prove our commitment.


  • Our packaging and order processing departments works at full speed every weekday - at our locations in Indonesia, France and Bulgaria. This with the help of our significant stock positions of no less than 50.000 items at any given time, is how we manage to process and ship nearly every order within 24 hours after receipt on our B2B channel however in case of out-of-stock situations we ship within 7 workdays.

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